Or, The Impassionate Dreams of a Famous Rap-Star and the Woman who Beats Him for Rapping Whilst Eating Sandwiches  


I haven't posted anything new in a long while, but I am posting new stories on my blog! So go check it out!

My first book is called Noisome Beasts. And now, it's up for sale on Amazon.com! You can learn more about it here and download a copy in several formats.

Here's the other stories!
The Swizzlers
Blossoms in the Dawning Winter of Augustine
The Young Man Who Traveled through Time
Cannibal Lee
The Most Kick Ass Road Trip of All Time
The Day That There Were No Rhesus Monkeys

Do you secretly, privately, longingly enjoy these stories? Pass them along! It makes me happy when people read my stuff.

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