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Or, The Impassionate Dreams of a Famous Rap-Star and the Woman who Beats Him for Rapping Whilst Eating Sandwiches  

Robert Chatham

What can and cannot be written about Robert Chatham would fill entire volumes of an impressive leather-bound burgundy Encyclopedia. In solemn whispers around camp-fires, rumors have it that he was born in 1943 under the name "Reginald Vel Johnson", though this cannot be verified as typing the two names into a search engine often causes the entire Internet to shut down.
Robert is the co-founder of the Littlest Babysitter's Klub, author of the startling exposè "I am Michael Bolton's Super-Secret Lover", and has beaten over forty teenaged ruffians - "merely for the sport of it," quips the amused author. He is devilishly handsome and can carry two gallons of milk in one hand for about 30 seconds. Would you like to read more of his astounding works? Contact him at rchatham @ gmail.com and he will give you a dollar.

Rebecca Chatham

Rebecca Chatham is constantly alarmed or asleep.

At the age of 7 Rebecca wrote a stunning and poignant Christmas poem about beans, and her life has never been the same.  She enjoys thinking about lemurs (which she also wrote a book about during her elementary career) and would like to open an ice cream parlour.  She is married to Robert Chatham, Esquire, and is known worldwide for her habit of making pancakes.

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